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World Book Day 2024

We enjoy and celebrate books everyday at St. Michael's! They are central to our love of learning. They help to develop language, vocabulary and communication. Books invite discussions....we predict what's going to happen next, what would you do in that situation? What could the character have done instead? Books promote brain development & also supports emotional well being, fostering empathy and recognising emotions and feelings.

Books are not just for the book corner, we love to read outside in the garden, in the woods, in the role play area and we often retell traditional tales by acting out the story, by using puppets, makaton sign language & singing. We love to listen to stories being told without a book. This really helps our imagination development and we often retell the stories in our play.

Of course dressing up is also a fun way to celebrate books and brings the characters to life. We have had children arrive in pyjamas, cosy clothes and some costumes have been hand made which we absolutely LOVE! Thank you to our families for encouraging the love of books here in nursery. We have book tokens available to take home to spend in some local bookshops.


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