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Easy Squeezy Paint!

What would you do if you found a table with some pots, funnels, different sized scoops, some powder paint and a bottle of water.....make squeezy paint of course! The children were challenged to work out how to get the water into the bottles and they soon learnt how funnels make things a lot easier! They had squeezy bottles and they worked out that if the paint is really runny, then they are able to squeeze it out of the nozzle.

This enticing provocation to explore funnels and paint invites the children to use their critical thinking skills and they become more and more inpedepndent and confident, testing out their theories and communicating their ideas to one another.

We also made a wonderful pond for our toys frogs, sang familiar songs and rhymes, swung from the strong branches of the 'Tell Me Tree' and made dens using different sized sticks.


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