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St Michael's Nursery Environmental Logo

Leaving as small a footprint as we are able and passing on that simple message is at the core of St Michaels environmental policy.


We aim to do this by challenging ourselves on everything that we as a Nursery consume and use, from what we eat, what we use,  to what we play with.


Everything that comes through the Nursery is challenged, working with suppliers to find us more sustainable, planet friendly alternatives, without ever compromising safety, quality or care.


We aim to cut our single use of plastic to a bare minimum, and where we do have unavoidable waste, we endeavour to reuse or recycle wherever possible.


Our staff are all trained to follow our policy and we aim to educate our children to be more mindful of our planet both at nursery and at home. We encourage parents and guardians to work with us to help endorse this message.


Our mission is to go beyond our own Nursery and  share our findings our improvements with other nurseries and learning centres in order to help spread the word to help improve our planet.

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