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Story Bears Sing a Rainbow

We recently published a blog about how there is an important connection between music, rhythm and listening to stories, with developing language, communication and listening skills.

We welcome Clare from Story Bears to visit us regularly throughout the summer term, to run sessions for all age groups. She tailors her session to the topic, the story and the age group. She recognises that our youngest children in Ladybirds and Butterflies, enjoy singing and clapping along to familiar songs. They look for the rhythm of the language, the tone and cues when to clap along.

Clare visits Dragonflies and the children love the story and take part in various activities as a follow up to the story. This might be the bubble machine the parachute or even finger puppets.

Kindergarten children welcome Clare, asking lots of questions and wanting to know more about the story. It was tremendous fun swaying and swishing scarves to make a coloured rainbow just like the one in the story.

Clare is such a welcome addition to our programme of regular, fun events and visitors. We will bring you updates with the stories that Clare tells and the activities that the children partake in.

Here are Dragonflies enjoying the latest session all about 'Rain'.


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