WELCOME TO Kindergarten



Kindergarten provides our three and four year olds with their own place. Focusing on the seven areas of learning (EYFS), through play and adult-led activities, in groups and one-one, the children practise their phonics, mark making, number work as well as learning more about the wider world around them and a sense of belonging.

Outside the children share stories beneath the trees and develop physical skills with bikes, football and hopscotch. Forest School encourages the children to explore their natural world, and toasting marshmallows around the camp fire- there’s nothing better!

​ Kindergarten children continue their Learning Journey in nursery as confident, happy children who delight their parents at sports day and in their Nativity Play. They come home telling of their discoveries; names of planets, a new food they have tried for lunch or the name of their new best friend.

Finding what we need
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Leavers' Supper Time
Look at that GOLD
Medal Presentation
Glasses Smiles
We lookeed inside the Police van