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Urban Garden

our story so far

Small Changes make a big difference



Trips out on the minibus to parks, coast & farms learning about eco-systems and nature.


Education is at the very core of our Green Ethos.
We do this by covering a range of topics including Marine, Healthy Living, Global Citizenship & Managing Waste. 


We continue to source products that are eco friendly, refuse extra plastic on delivery and we've swapped plastic milk bottles for glass.


For a Nursery with X140 children on roll per week, we've reduced our general waste to just two domestic sized wheelie bins!  We recycle glass, paper, cardboard, tin, plastic & compost fruit peelings.


Our very own catering team source fresh local produce from our suppliers wherever possible.
We compost fruit peelings and tea bags.
Children learn about growing produce from seed in our large Vegetable Patch.


We encourage parents to provide their child with a reusable bag for soiled or wet clothing.
We use clothes horses to dry garments as much as possible.


The Nursery promotes saving energy by water saving taps, LED bulbs, thermostat and switiching off lights whenever possible.

building / infrastructure

We are always looking at ideas to become more sustainable and aspire to implement these exciting and sustainable changes in the near future.
Our Facilities
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