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Welcome 2023

We start a brand new year with the children settling into nursery well. Some children have moved up age groups and a big welcome to our new families. Children have been making new friends, chatting about their time over the Christmas holiday and greeting Winnie Butter-Jelly our pet rabbit.

Ladybirds and Butterflies have been exploring the paint, creating colourful pictures, playing in the sandpit and enjoying winter stories. They were fascinated by the ice cubes and cold sensation on their finger tips. They crinkled and crackled the foil and stirred the ice with spoons, watching it melt into an icy puddle.

Dragonflies have the most beautiful Winter display with creations made by mixing paint, collage, reusing bubble wrap to create the illusion of owl feathers and scraping a fork through paint to create a polar bear's fur. We just love the penguin provocation set up to intrigue the children to learn more about penguins. On Monday, we made cloud dough and enjoyed many books about Space and the Moon to commemorate the upcoming launch of the rocket in Cornwall.

Kindergarten have started the year well welcoming many new friends and settling back into the routine of nursery life. They love to play and explore in the play rooms and they have loved the Tuff Tray set up with cold climate animals and 'snow' using cornflour. The children have noticed how it gets dark early and look forward to spotting twinkly stars and the moon. Outdoor learning is established again with the children wearing many layers and wellies. On Wednesday we watched from the window as a bombardment of rain, hail and wind made it's presence felt. We sang 'I hear thunder' and we discovered that stormy weather can make loud noises, but it's just the clouds bumping into each other!


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