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Sustainability Event Hosted by St. Michael's

On Tuesday evening, we hosted a wonderful event for local nurseries to see first hand the work we have been doing to be an eco-friendly nursery and how to achieve 'Plastic Free Status'. Working alongside Sustainable Business Resource and the North Devon Biosphere, it was a successful event and wonderful to welcome so many practitioners into our setting.

Sustainable Lead, Katie Webber led a talk about how nurseries can embrace small changes and how they have a big impact on the planet.

Emily Willoughby represented the North Devon Biosphere and gave a really insightful talk about the local environment and how we can help.

Steve and Tom from the Sustainable Business Resource were there to help businesses in planning their sustainability journey. They can provide a one to one consultancy to identify how each individual business can reduce their carbon footprint, reduce or replace the use of unsustainable materials, incentivise staff, and help secure a more sustainable future.

We would like to thank Claire from Plastic Free North Devon for her contributions to the talk;

Also a huge thank you to Majestic Wine for the bottles of red and white wine and for providing glasses.

To M&R Marquees for the loan of the chairs

Thank you to our onsite chef Liz for organising, preparing & cooking the most delicious food, locally sourced and Fair Trade coffee. Also, our wonderful team for making this happen.


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