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Dragonflies Make a Circus!

What a beautiful week it has been! We have enjoyed learning all about the Circus... Acrobats, Dancers, Clowns, Trapeze Artists and Singers. Our display is finished and showcases lots of colourful creations depicting a modern day circus.

We are so fortunate to have beautiful summer houses as our play rooms and these spill out onto the glorious large garden. We like to play on the slide, explore the sand pit, chase bubbles, enjoy stories and play with the small world toys outside on a blanket.

This week, we have been getting very adventurous in the woods and some of the Dragonflies have shown a keen interest in climbing. This has been supported in our Forest School where children have climbed with some assistance, support and encouragement. This is hugely beneficial to develop core strength, resilience, confidence and a sense of achievement. Imagine how it feels to stand on something twice the size of you! Well done Dragonflies.


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