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Meet Geraldine the Scarecrow!

It's that time of year when buds are bursting into bloom, birds are nesting, the sun is shining and Sarah is getting the vegetable patches ready for planting out. The 'Green Fingers' gardening group are working towards the RHS Gardening Awards Level 4. The children know that the plants need sun, soil and water to thrive. We decided to remake our Scarecrow. The children reused items from the junk modeling box to design the face. They stuffed the scarecrow by recycling soft plastics. We hope this will help protect our young plants. We encourage biodiversity by providing invertebrates with a home such as logs, pine cones, rocks and leaving dead wood to rot. We also plant extra nectar rich plants and native wild flowers to attract pollinators.

Kindergarten have been following the lives of the Barn Owls, over at the Dorset Wildlife Trust nest cam. The parents are rearing at three owlets and Kindergarten have been fascinated with their movements. The children know that owls are 'nocturnal' and what that means.

Even more exciting news is that we have have a nesting pair of pigeons building a nest in one of our apple trees in the garden! You can't get more high definition than that! The children have affectionately named them Polly and Prince! We are so excited to meet the new baby, (squab).


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