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Settling into Nursery Life

September term has started with lots of giggles and getting to know new children and families. It's been lovely hearing about the children's stories of the summer and we love hearing how many families have been growing their own vegetables at home this year. Our topic 'All About Me' is in full swing with children painting and making collages, drawing around their friends on large pieces of paper, looking in the mirror to study their faces and Kindergarten have designed 'Captain Kindergarten'.

Alongside this, the children have been exploring our nursery and grounds, caring for our pet rabbit Winnie Butter-Jelly, sorting out materials for recycling, tending to the vegetable patch and choosing from a variety of toys to play with in the garden.

Outdoor learning this week has been all about blackberries and we've had immense fun squashing the berries to mix in with our playdough and also making our very own blackberry paint.

Kindergarten have discovered a new climbing A Frame so they can climb, balance and develop their core muscles and physical skills.

We look forward to 'Recycling Week' next week where many will meet our Green Champion 'Cheeky Monkey' and application for Eco-Heroes will begin.


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