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Otto's Ocean Read by Author

As part of our school leavers annual programme 'Life Skills', the children have been finding out what an author and illustrator does. The children listened to stories about the environment and we discussed the characters, the plot, the beginning, the middle and the end. Then it was the children's choice to take part in their own creative writing experience, penning their own, (with help), story. The characters really came to life and one little author described her book as "they rhyme". At Circle Time, we enjoyed each reading and clapped and cheered each author.

In the afternoon, we were delighted to play a recording from Emily Hobson-Martin reading her story, 'Otto's Ocean'. Emily's stories are beautifully written with an important environmental message, that the children were keen to discuss; "plastic needs to go recycling." "I got recycle bins in my house."

To listen to the video, click below....

The children were amazed at the personal message to them and excited to chat afterwards about the story.

Emily is offering £1 off all her books and they can be personalised. Just click the link!


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