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Happy St. Michael's Day 2022

St. Michael's Day is always a special date in the diary. We continue the traditions and celebrations of our rich heritage of St. Michael's School. Did you know.....? Our hall way is called 'Pink Hall' named after the beautiful hall that was once St. Michael's School, (Tawstock Court).

Children and staff are invited to wear pink, we learn the story of St. Michael and the dragon, (Sarah & Katie put on a puppet show every year), we enjoy a delicious roast for lunch, join in with a fun treasure hunt in the garden finding and matching dragons and of course, pink cake!

Sarah congratulated staff on their long running service and dedication to the nursery. Congratulations to Michele for 24 years working in our nursery. Michele is based in Kindergarten but has worked across all age groups over the years. Katie 23 years. Many congratulations and thank you to Deputy Manager Emma Hedge for her incredible 21 years at St. Michael's and Emma in the baby room, not far behind with 20 years service! Jemma has been with us 10 years and also our business coordinator Donna, (who has also worked within the nursery as a qualified nursery nurse) has been with us 18 years! They were awarded the coveted 'Per Christum Vinces' badge for long service. We are very proud of all our team because they really do make the nursery what it is.... a caring, dedicated and established setting to teach, nurture and care for your precious little ones in their first years of life. Of course our nursery has that extra special ingredient, a wonderful, talented, patient and caring manager Sarah who has been working at St. Michael's for 36 years and started up our nursery in September 1998. Thank you Sarah.


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