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Animal Tracks

As part of our annual Life Skills programme, the Kindergarten have been learning Makaton signs for the songs 'Five Little Ducks' and 'There's a worm at the bottom of the garden'. The children had a 'splashingly' good time as they played 'Hook-a-Duck' and 'Find the Hidden Ducks'. This promoted number recognition, understanding the value of numbers, counting, turn taking, mathematics, floating & sinking, science, language skills and communication. Similarly we have been enjoying stories and in particular the wise man who built his house upon a rock. The children made their own house structures using Lego and placed them on rocks and some on sand. After using a watering can for the 'floods', we discovered the foolish man really did build his house on the sand as it was washed away.

We also went tracking animals in the garden and were excited to follow the tracks to guess which animal had made them. We know why badgers have claws. We know a fox lives in a den. We also know that deer are very shy and we had to be very quiet tracking them! We looked at our own footprints in the rain on the playground. One little girl said her 'toes have nail varnish on her footprint!'


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