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All Weather Play

We've had a wonderful week playing in the garden. Children have been wrapped up warm and cosy and exploring the beautiful frosted ice and glistening leaves in the winter sunshine. On wetter days, the children had great fun mark making on the playground with chalks and powder paint. Winnie Butter-Jelly, our pet rabbit, has moved inside to the 'Boot Room' where she is cosy and enjoys watching the children get ready for Outdoor Learning. The children have been looking after her, feeding her carrots, checking her water and topping up her food bowl.

We continue to learn all about the cold climate and animals. Children know a lot about them...."Polar bears are white!" "They live in the farm, I got a Polar Bear in my house!"

We have some amazing art, craft and Tuff Tray activities going on too. We adore the painted polar bears using forks to create the illusion of fur. Our little Ladybirds and Butterflies continue to make their display and they love the sensory feel of the shaving foam, scratchy material and foils to play with.


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