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A pony in the classroom!

Thank you to North Devon Pony Parties for bringing along Shrimpy the pony to meet the Kindergarten this week. Who knew horses could be so tiny they could come indoors!!

The children enjoyed feeding Shrimpy, learning to use a flat palm - they discovered horses have whiskers and soft muzzle..and great big teeth. We all became horse grooms for the morning using soft brushes and curry combs to give brush Shrimpy - he looked so smart when we had finished. Some of us held the reins too.

We learnt knew words; minature, girth, horse groom, reins, mane and horse-box. We learnt that horses eat hay and pony cubes and use their hooves and noses to search through the hay.

And wow...have you heard a horse sneeze?.. it made us all jump!

We learnt how to be calm, to be gentle and caring and the children found this to be a relaxing and mindful experience.

Shrimpy is coming again in the Summer Term and may bring his bigger friend Spacer.

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