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RSPB BIG Garden Birdwatch 2024

During Outdoor Learning, we took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch to help collate numbers of UK garden birds visiting our garden.

The children have loved gathering twigs, sticks, leaves and branches to make their own nests. We have plenty of nature books, helping us with information such as identifying the birds and learning about their appearance, habitat and diet. The children have been using binoculars and bird ID sheets, ticking off which birds that they have spotted in the garden and woodland area. We were fortunate to have a real bird's nest, (that was old and disused for many years), for the children to handle and learn how to use gentle hands.

We recorded starlings, wood pigeons, crows, herring gulls, robin, wren and a magpie.  Katie ‘Fox’ told us the story about Margaret Magpie and how and why all the birds make their nests a little different.


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