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Ocean Week

We have been learning all about the seaside this week and the children have made lots of sea creature characters using paints, glue, tissue paper, card and even Cheerios for the suckers on a starfish!

We have enjoyed many stories and songs about the sea. The Tuff Trays have been a source of intrigue and genuine fascination as they have been filled with objects of interest and invitation to play and explore. We've seen blue shaving foam with sparkling sea weed shiny paper, creatures if the deep to play with, water, pebbles, rocks, sand, shells and coloured material for the waves.

The older children have been talking about unwanted plastic and litter and how we can ensure that such items are disposed of properly, preferably recycled. We are about to launch our 'It's in the Bag' campaign where we encourage everyone to bring in a reusable bag for dirty clothing at nursery.


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