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National Apprenticeship Week 2024


We have seen many of our apprentices flourish into professional, talented and skilled nursery nurses over the years.

Many of our apprentices have qualified and taken up a full or part time role at St. Michael's and bring their enthusiasm and talents to the nursery everyday.

Others have pursued higher education and gone into the world of adult/community nursing, midwifery, Primary Education, community care and even a published Author!

Nursery Manager Sarah explains "we are very proud of our apprentices who every day work alongside our team, learning new skills, facing new challenges and studying for each module towards their Early Years Educator qualifications. We enjoy seeing our apprentices grow in confidence and bravely taking on new roles within the setting (imagine reading a story to 20 kindergarteners!), building strong relationships with children and colleagues and becoming enthusiastic individual practitioners."

Chloe and Emma have both qualified at Level 2 Early Years with us and we are very proud of them both.  They have continued their studies and are very close to being awarded their Level 3 Early Years Practitioner qualification.  We look forward to celebrating this with them in the future.

Both speak very highly of the support and encouragement they have had at St. Michael’s and both agree it’s a great way to start a career in childcare.


Molly, Libby and Evie are undertaking the Level 2 Early Years Apprenticeship.

Molly, who is about to celebrate her one year anniversary with us, explains that “the apprenticeship is good because you get to work with all ages and they get to know you.  You are a familiar face and they know you when they move to their next room.”


Molly enjoys her time with all age groups and she feels that the support from her peers has helped her gain skills, confidence and she takes on important aspects such as handovers to parents/carers.


Molly knew she would like to work with children following a work experience placement at Primary School when she was 15 years old.  She hopes to further her career by undertaking the Level 3 Apprenticeship route.  She is very happy at St. Michael’s and feels very welcome.

Libby joined us last September and started her Level 2 Early Years Apprenticeship journey with us.  Following a work experience placement at a Primary School,  she gained experience working with children age 6-7 years.  She found the idea of an Apprenticeship in a Nursery appealing because of the younger age group and the care side of working with young children.  She has an interest and talent in all things art and craft and has recently planned, organised and fulfilled an amazing activity making colourful potions with the children.  Libby explains how she feels supported here at St. Michael's, “I planned to do potions with the Dragonfly children and they made little potions, different colours, using sticks, all in little bottles.”  One of the children overhears our conversation and starts enthusiastically pointing to the shelf where his magic potion is!  “They loved it.  The staff helped me get the resources I needed but I chose the little bottles myself because they are so cute!”


Libby certainly has lots of wonderful ideas and very much enjoys the creative aspect of her role.  She likes the consistency of working here everyday and getting to know the children, the staff and the rooms.  She hopes to go on to complete her Level 3 in Early Years one day.


Evie has been a valued member of the team since she started in November last year.  Evie explains that the call of an Apprenticeship was very appealing because of the practical experience she has benefitted from every day.  She goes on to explain, how she feels that her confidence and maturity has grown and also the social aspect of her life. 

Part of being an Apprentice is having opportunities to plan and facilitate the children’s learning through setting up an invitation to play.  This has given Evie a wonderful “sense of enjoyment and confidence” watching the children investigate and explore an activity that she has planned and set out.


Our Nursery Manager Sarah Sexon is always on hand to help, support and guide our apprentices.  There is allocated study time within the week to ensure that coursework is kept up to date.  Evie explains that she feels very supported with regular check ins with Sarah and “super supportive and lovely staff.”


Well done to all our apprentices - we are so proud of you all!



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