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Black History Month

Here at St. Michael's, our team values ways to support diversity, inclusion and equity. We recognise the importance to promote a racially and culturally inclusive practice and environment.

Laura Henry-Allain MBE is an award-winning international producer, storyteller, educationalist and consultant. Her message fully encapsulates how we value racial and cultural inclusion within our setting: "Remember that this is not a one-time activity or discussion. This mustn't only be discussed during Black History Month and ticked off for the year. It doesn't work that way. Children must be supported with their self-identity throughout the year."

Our setting prides itself on promoting positive relationships with people, promoting British Values and by weaving a wealth of diverse stories, music, reference books, posters, artefacts, fictional books, dolls and musical instruments that represent a wide range of cultures, into our every day practice, every day of the year.

Our most recent OFSTED inspection highlighted how we do this in a positive way:

"Staff share books and stories in an engaging way, and children listen intently, suggesting what they think may happen and what they can see in the pictures. Staff ensure a wide range of books are available throughout the setting, many of which represent a wide range of cultures. Children who speak English as an additional language can take home dual-language books to share with their parents. This helps children to understand and value diversity."


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