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Barney the Sea Turtle

Did you know that as a nursery we are working towards a 'plastic free status'? Surfers Against Sewage have a number of objectives and we are well on our way to achieving this status.

One of the objectives is to talk to the children about marine animals and the ocean. We differentiated this topic for all our age groups. Our younger children enjoyed exploring ice in the water tray. They have also been recycling their items to make art and craft work. Dragonflies enjoyed a visual story with their Eco rep Charlotte. They have also had a creative week making a castle for their 'fairy tale' display. Kindergarten sorted through a bag full of materials and we discussed what they were made from and whether they could be recycled. Barney the sea turtle was happy when we put the materials into the recycling pile. The children found it really funny when Barney splashed them in the water tray!


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