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Pasties, Tree Planting and Painting

Butterflies were invited to a tree planting ceremony on Thursday. They used spades to transport soil into the pots and gently planted the saplings into their new home. They had great fun watering the plants and exploring the wild flower garden. Meanwhile, some children attending Hedgehogs Bakery were concentrating so hard on peeling and chopping vegetables, the room was silent! They made the most delicious pasties for Father's Day.

Our ongoing theme, 'Down on the Farm' saw the Kindergarten children drive their toy tractors tyres through paint to create printed tracks on the paper. They have enjoyed plenty of fresh air and fun in the garden this week and some children took part in a Scavenger hunt with Amy.

Dragonflies also took part in the Scavenger hunt and found lots of natural items for our bags.

They have also been enjoying their very own spill out garden straight from our glorious garden rooms.


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