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The Little Lost Lamb

This is a true life story of a little girl in Kindergarten who found a little lost lamb. Don't worry, it has a very happy ending!

Last Friday, a little girl from Kindergarten was crossing the carpark safely with her Mummy when she spotted something unusual on the ground. Mummy thought it was a pile of leaves or rubbish. Feeling curious, the little girl asked her Mummy if she could take a closer look. It was too fluffy to be a stone. But what was it? It was all muddy and dirty. When they took a closer look, they realised it was a very sad little lamb.

The little girl felt sad that the little lamb was lost, "We need to get her back to who she belongs to!" she exclaimed. The little girl and her Mummy took the lost little lamb home and had a little think about how to cheer the lamb up.

The little girl found a bowl and mixed in some bubbles. Small leaves and clumps of mud were removed and the little lamb had a lovely long, hot soak in the bubbly water. In fact, the little lamb stayed in the bowl all night, when the moon and stars were in the sky.

When the birds started to sing at dawn and it was time to wake up, the little girl went downstairs to see if the little lamb was clean. She felt excited as she pulled the lamb out of the bubbly mixture.

The little lamb looked a lot better now all the clumps of mud were gone. The little girl gave the little lamb a brush. She used a hair brush.

Mummy put the little lamb in the washing machine along with some clothes. The little lamb thought it was fun spinning around and around, just like going to the park!

Although the lamb looked better, the little girl still felt sad; "We have to get the lamb back to who she belongs to".

Meanwhile at Nursery, Katie 'Fox' had been looking all over the garden for a lost little lamb....

The little girl brought the lamb to nursery, desperate to find her owner.

Katie Fox said, "I am sad because I can't find one our cuddly lambs." The little girl asked if this is the missing lamb.....

"Yes! Thank you for finding her!" said Katie Fox. The little girl felt happy.

"You have taken such great care of her. She lives in the woods with the other toys but I think she would love a home of her own. Would you like to keep her?"

"Yes please" squealed the little girl jumping up and down excitedly. "I am going to call her Baa Sheep!"

The End


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