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School Leavers' Evening

Last night we held a very special event for our school leavers. Families were invited to spend an evening on the lawn to celebrate their little superstars as they prepare to leave nursery and start their school career. The team were on hand to welcome our guests and serve delicious cakes and biscuits made by Charlotte - thank you Charlotte they were delicious! Families and friends enjoyed playing in the garden and chatting before the celebrations commenced. First, a surprise for Emma J who has been awarded the Platinum Champions Award for Royal Voluntary Service.

We are super proud Emma, only 490 Awards in the UK! Emma was surprised by Peter Jerrett, Volunteer Engagement Co-ordinator for Young Lives Vs Cancer, who had travelled from Plymouth to present her with this prestigious award. Please see separate blog for more photos.

Sarah pointed out many siblings in the crowd, many of whom went all the way through nursery and continue to make us proud with their ongoing achievements - some are also taller than us now!

Children were invited one by one to come up and receive their card with their Graduation photo inside - always an emotional moment!

The Kindergarten team read a poem and the children were invited to come up to the front and perform the popular and poignant song 'Lean on Me' using Makaton. Their rendition with the backing track inspired many of them to pull out their best dance moves!

A wonderful evening was had by all and the weather held out too! Thank you to all our families for attending and making this such a special event. Thank you to the team for their constant care and support, also for the photo cards and to Sarah and Emma for making this event happen - first large event in three years! Farewell to all our school leavers. Good luck and keep in touch with us!


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