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Virtual Reality Swimming with Seals!

As a plastic free nursery, we are passionate about teaching children about the environment all year round. To celebrate 'World Ocean Day' this year, we were absolutely thrilled to welcome Plastic Free North Devon to visit our nursery.

The children in Kindergarten enjoyed stories and a discussion about how sadly plastic is not always fantastic. Claire and Anne-Marie talked to the children about single use plastic and how it is better to reuse items instead of using something once then throwing it away.

All children agreed that they would like to help the environment and they like nature; "I like riding my bike outside" said one little boy and "I build sandcastles at the beach and I like ice cream" said another.

We talked about Lundy Island and the amazing haven it is for wildlife. The highlight of the morning was using the virtual reality googles to sail, swim and discover the ocean. "Look my feet are in the water!" exclaimed one excited 4 year old! "LOOK THERE'S A SEAL!" excitedly squealed another.

It was the most amazing experience and we pledge to look after our environment and continue to spread the message!


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