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Busy Learning about Bees!

Bees have very much been the interest of the children this week as we notice lots of pollinators in our wild flower garden and vegetable patch. Some children decided to make some beautiful flowers and bee pictures using their ideas and designs. We enjoyed a puppet show how bees pollinate flowers and gather pollen. Lots of children already knew that "bees make honey" and "bees live in a hive."

Linking with learning about pollinators, we have been talking lots about 'Life Cycles' and we recently enjoyed the big butterfly release. It has been such a rich educational experience for the children to see the caterpillars grow over the past couple of weeks and to then form a Chrysalis. We released the butterflies in the garden and watched them flutter away. In the woods we spotted even more moths this week and noticed just how amazingly camouflage they are against the tree trunk.

The little Ladybirds have enjoyed splashing in the water play in their safe and secure garden area. They are making a fantastic display 'Under the Sea' - watch this space!

Butterflies have enjoyed playing in the garden and the woods. They love to discover all the plants, flowers and water the vegetable patch. We have a new scarecrow called 'Gerald' that the children had made using recycled objects around the nursery.

Dragonflies and Kindergarten have been enjoying their lunch outside and picnic tea times. The garden is full of exciting zones for the children to choose area, dressing up, obstacle course, bubbles, water tray, sand pit, stories under the tree, art, building blocks and bean bag throw games.


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