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Remembrance and Reflection - What Makes Us Happy?

As remembrance day is approaching, we take this time to think about what makes us happy. We practice gratitude in the form of thought provoking and conversation starting prompts. A time for reflection and quiet moments throughout the day where rest and a sense of calm is nurtured.

Our nursery embraces the Danish concept of Hygge, meaning to slow down and live in the moment. We take time to listen to the children, read a story, enjoy a puzzle, sit together at mealtimes and embrace the social comfort that conversations bring.

Our beautiful nursery is an environment that offers children a wealth of opportunities and allows them to feel calm, supported, nurtured, safe and secure.

Every room offers a calm and reflective space. Children may choose to partake in quiet games or seek a space to relax in.

We talk about things that make us happy, favourite books, activities that make us smile, choose delicious fruit from the snack platter and share pictures sent in from home. We have heard how someone’s favourite thing about the weekend was “swimming” and how someone felt “really happy” when they saw a firework display; “It was really loud, boom!”

The children have been making poppies to adorn the porch this week.

They have been colour sorting, gluing, making collages, mixing paint, splatter painting and finding red coloured leaves to make their poppies.

Dragonflies have made beautiful vintage inspired poppies that look fabulous with the light shining through the tissue paper.

Kindergarten have been making beautiful poppy pictures and talking about gratitude.

In outdoor learning, the children have been finding beautiful fallen leaves and creating awe-inspiring mandalas and patterns.

We hope you have a beautiful and restful Remembrance Sunday.


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