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Picking Pods of Peas!

It's officially pea picking time! We have been growing and nurturing our peas and now is the fun part - picking the pods! The children can tell you that they need "watering can on them makes them grow and sun." The children were so excited to peel back the pods to reveal a row of shiny delicious peas.

If we look closer at this activity, the children are learning about where our food comes from, the importance of pollinators in our gardens, they are experiencing eating straight from the pod, they are learning about composting and earthworms. Further more, they are learning to look after living things, show compassion and care. They are understanding about healthy food and cooking. Maths - they are talking about shapes, estimating, counting how many peas are in a pod, weighing them, using mathematical language and comparisons. The children are learning so much when they are having fun at nursery!


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