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Nursery Rhymes

Our Ladybirds and Butterflies have been singing along to Incy Wincy Spider, Five Little Ducks, Five Little Speckled Frogs to name a few!

Zoe has been busy creating the most wonderful resources and popular Tuff Tray activities. There have been bubbles, playdough, water play, paints and printing galore!

We just love the little wooden spoon frogs and the Ladybird's display in the playroom!

Nursery Rhymes are sang everyday in nursery throughout all age groups. We recognise that the rhythm and repetitive pattern of sounds helps and supports a child's language development. This in turn will help a child to become accustomed to vocabulary, sounds and eventually support their learning to read. Children really enjoy the props and resources and how puppets can bring a story to life. It is a fun social session where the children can be heard from downstairs!


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