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Fancy a steaming cup of Mud Tea?!

Welcome to the 'Mud Kitchen Cafe'! Who fancies a nice steaming cup of mud tea with extra sprinkles of herbs?!

The children in Kindergarten are having so much fun this week making up dishes of the day, sorting out job roles and responsibilities, turn taking, drawing on their own experiences of being in a cafe & even using a calculator to make contact payment! The calculator also supports number recognition along with price list sheets to promote understand of the value of produce. Armed with clipboards and pencils, the children scribbled mark making onto pads taking their customer's orders.

Using simple recipe cards with picture ingredients, this enabled staff to 'scaffold their learning' and introduce vocabulary like "more, add, liquid, runny, mix, mash, boil, bake and heat." We also developed fine motor skills using scissors to snip the herbs. This was an opportunity to engage our senses and link the sensations to language - eg. "These Chives are long." "The Mint reminds me of toothpaste when I smell and crush the leaves." "The Sage feels soft."


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