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Caterpillars, Construction and Colour Matching

As we enter February, we are looking forward to longer days, spring flowers and planting seeds. We continue our Winter theme and making playdough and snow dough is a popular activity. Construction & loose parts play is a huge part of a child's learning in the early years. The benefits are huge in developing children's skills to think, plan, assess, assemble, communicate and test.

Constructive play helps children to make sense of the world, they develop problem solving and social skills and improve their fine motor development. We took this out on a larger scale this week in the garden and woods. Children love to make obstacle courses and make bridges and ramps for their toy cars.

Dragonflies have been making the most beautiful rainbows with collage materials, glue and paper. They have been learning about the different colours in a rainbow, singing rainbow themed songs and looking at rainbows in books. We hope to see one in the sky - come on sun!


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