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Bronze Tree Award

As a nursery, we are incredibly passionate about learning about nature and nurturing love and respect for the environment. Across all age groups, we have been busy gathering evidence to show The Woodland Trust just how much we do at nursery and how important it is for us to protect the environment.

They were really impressed with our ethos, activities and our practice. We have shown how highly we regard environmental issues and how we have nurtured areas in the nursery to promote biodiversity, ecology and vegetable planting. All activites are differentiated for all age groups and individuals.

Not only do we learn about the world, plant vegetables, plant flowers, step over ants, move caterpillars to safety and recycle materials, we are also very instrumental in our practice sharing news and ideas with other professionals and organisations.

We are so grateful to have received this certificate and we continue to love and show compassion to the world, nurture and encourage biodiversity and nurture young minds.


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