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Since it's the start of a new term and we're meeting new friends, we have been talking a lot about ourselves. This is a wonderful topic for all age groups because it allows children to recognise how unique, appreciated and special they are. Whether that's quiet moments in the Hygge Hut discussing what we like to do with our family and friends or looking in the mirror and noticing similarities and differences between us. Even our youngest children are enjoying songs and stories and learning to recognise and name parts of their bodies. Can you point to your nose? Where's your ears? Touch your toes....

It's also an excellent way to discuss empathy and show compassion towards others. Our nursery has been selected to be awarded a brand new Baby Born doll. She has not only been involved in Recycling Week but she has also been the focus of discussion with the children how to meet her needs and why she might be crying.

In the Hygge Hut, Winnie Butter-Jelly was hopping around the room enjoying a story with the children. We know how to look after Winnie and care for her. Her favourite snack is a carrot and dandelion leaves.


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