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Welcome March

March is most welcome with all it's glory - the daffodils, the lighter evenings, World Book Day and the promise of Spring in the air. Gruffalo Crumble has been the focus of upstairs. The children have gravitated to the Tuff Tray set up with characters from the story. Elmer elephant is also an invitation for the children to paint the squares. Dragonflies have been singing lots of rhyming songs and splashing ducks in a bubbly tray. Five little speckled frogs have been jumping around in a tray where the children are invited to scoop, pour, measure and count in the water tray.

Kindergarten have been invited to build houses for The Three Little Pigs. They have painted the houses, used sticks and straw. This has prompted discussions about materials and how strong they are.

We've also enjoyed Football with Romar Sports, Gardening Club with Sarah and World Book Day.


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