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Story Bears, Sunshine and Showers

The whole nursery enjoyed a visit from Clare from Story Bears last Monday morning. The Ladybirds and Butterflies really enjoyed dancing to the music and catching the bubbles in the playroom. They were introduced to dolly 'Olivia' and her cuddly dog 'Barny'. Olivia started the story not liking her vegetables. However, she soon found that actually they can be delicious!

Dragonflies have been playing in their beautiful garden rooms which spill out into our glorious large garden. They have enjoyed playing with the toy wild animals in the sand pit. In Forest School, they have been learning about bees and following Betty on her adventure to find pollen. Dragonflies had fun with Clare from Story Bears, using the musical instruments to tap along with the music!

On Tuesday, some of the children from Kindergarten baked Tiger Bread with Emma Hedge in the Hedgehogs Bakery. The children mixed the ingredients together to make a dough and then proceeded to learn how to knead the dough using the heel of the palm of their hand and stretching it out in an outward and upward motion. The children baked the most delicious batch of bread to take home and the nursery smelt scrumptious for the rest of the day!

On Tuesday afternoon, the children signed up with Romar Sports had great fun playing football with coach Andy. They played lots of fun games to gain skills in football, coordination, balance, stamina, confidence, resilience, social skills and core strength. As usual, the children finished the session with a penalty shoot out, cheering along all their friends.

Sarah has been busy with the Green Fingers Gardening Club, planting out tomatoes and getting the vegetable patch ready. The children really enjoyed teasing out the roots and digging little holes for the plants.


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