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National Story Week 2024

We recognise that books are a very special resource, and they are much loved here at St. Michael’s.  They are central to our love of learning.  They help to develop language & imagination, invite discussions, predict what's next, promotes brain development & also supports our emotional wellbeing.


Since it’s been National Story Week, we thought that we would share with you some of our favourite stories and the activities that we have been taking part in.


Our Ladybirds and Butterflies have been investigating the sensory table and enjoying the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson.  The Dragonflies have loved the story of ‘Zog’ also by Julia Donaldson.  They have created the most amazing stars on their display board.

Kindergarten have been on the edge of their seat as they follow the story of Goldilocks  tasting all the porridge, trying out the chairs and of course, falling asleep in baby Bear’s bed!

We have shared books that the children have brought in and this has been a wonderful experience for the children to talk about the characters and the storyline to a group of friends.


During Outdoor Learning, the children have visited the Forest and the tale of ‘The Magical Cooking Pot’, retold by Katie ‘Fox’.  The children were enchanted by the story of the porridge overflowing and spreading throughout the land of Barnstaple!  The children were invited to continue the story themselves, mixing up their own porridge in the Mud Kitchen.  This has been excellent for imagination, communication, social skills and emotional development.


Reading stories is such a special experience at any age.  Stories with rhythm and a repetitive pattern of sounds helps and supports a child's language development. This in turn will help a child to become accustomed to vocabulary, sounds and eventually support their learning to read.




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