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Look Who Came to Tea....

A Tiger! Who would have thought it! Zoe created another one of her wonderfully inviting Tuff Trays allowing the children to fully immerse themselves in the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. They even had real authentic resources such as china tea cups and baking trays. This gives the children a difference experience other than plastic toys. It allows them to feel the authenticity of the items, the weight, the coolness of the steel, the delicacy of the china and the weight of something heavy. They even had a full sensory experience with tea bags and cold water to facilitate their investigative mind.... pouring, stirring, mixing, emptying and watching the ripples of the water.

We've had another wonderful week, singing, enjoying stories, playing outside in the garden, enjoying good food and lots of giggles.


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