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Dinosaurs in the Jungle

Our Dinosaur theme continues and we've been making swamps, jungles and deserts. The children have been stomping the Dinosaurs through paint, water and mud. They have been talking about Dinosaur bones and fossil hunting.

Eco-Heroes have been reusing milk bottles saved from home, (at nursery we use reusable glass bottles). The children have designed their watering can and 'dotted' on the lid where they would like the holes drilled in the lid. They have enjoyed using their watering cans in our vegetable patch.

Our little ones upstairs have been keeping cool and enjoying the sand pit, soft play, painting, books, singing and sensory play. The Butterflies group have been enjoying our large garden too. We love getting out the bouncy balls and the car track. Some children like to make roads using the decking planks.

Little scientists have been making filters by reusing plastic bottles and layering it with cotton wool, charcoal, sand, pebbles and pine cones. The children had tremendous fun making really dirty water in the jug to pour into the filter. They tested it and it worked!

Meanwhile Winnie Butter-Jelly our pet rabbit, has been enjoying playing with the children and listening to stories under the 'Tell Me Tree'.


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