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I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Our book 'The Gingerbread man' has been a huge hit. The children have loved learning the Makaton signs for all the animals in the story along with the little old lady and the little old man. We have made salt dough Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree and Ginger scented playdough. The children made puppets and acted out the story. They designed, cut, painted and coloured their puppets for the show. Some children even chose to dress up in fancy dress.

We have a number of dual language books too so children can enjoy the stories in their native language also.

For our music session, the children chose a musical instrument each and described the sound they made; "crash", "boom". The children played their instruments softly and quietly leading up to a brilliant crescendo of all the wonderful instruments. We then sang "Five Little Gingerbread Men" and the children took it in turns to take a Gingerbread Man off the tray.


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