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Healthy Body, Happy Me Week

The NDNA have launched their annual Healthy Body, Happy Me campaign. This year it's all about Communication and Language in the early years. Communication and language is an essential area of learning for children to develop and essential in order to be able to communicate their needs. It helps strengthen children's ability to make friends, resolve conflicts and maintain relationships. We learn how to communicate our feelings and emotions, likes, interests and dislikes. It helps when talking about rules and boundaries to keep us safe and learning about the world around us.

The NDNA set out five different categories as the focus for each day and then we put together a fun activity programme designed to develop these skills. The five categories are Stories, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Water Play, Nature and Movement.

The children have had fun here at nursery making their own papier-mâché plant pots, learning about seeds, Spring time themed Tuff Tray, Parachute games, group games, music sessions, story sacks and construction play using parts of a drain pipe to make ramps for the cars.

Every child received a certificate. There are some lovely resource ideas if you wish to get involved at home....

Download PDF • 5.93MB


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