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Goodnight Spikey

Kindergarten have been learning about hibernation this week and we made Spikey our (toy) hedgehog a little swing in the trees. He swayed to and fro and we sang "Hibernate, Hibernate Spikey" really gently as he dosed off ready for his winter slumber.

We have some new IT equipment to play with and so many children love typing away in their "office". Old laptops and phone are always welcome as they encourage a wealth of play benefits including letter and number recognition, social interaction, speech and language opportunities.

Continuing the maths theme, we also have a playdough station where children are invited to make their own playdough following a recipe of X2 cups of flour, X1 cup of salt and X2 cups of warm water with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. The children made their own little hedgehogs and added leaves, twigs and grass for their features.


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