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Children's Mental Health Week

This week has focused on what we do as a nursery to support the mental health of the children in our care. At St. Michael's, we acknowledge, recognise and celebrate each and every child as the unique little person that they are. We celebrate their interests and support the children to achieve the next steps in their development. This might be a favourite book, song, a photograph of their new scooter or making sure that we provide resources and toys that captivates their interest. We always have time for the children and enjoy a story as a group and lots of singing. We have open ended sensory activities, playdough, water play, clay, mud kitchen, interest table and treasure trove of loose parts to explore. We praise the children for showing kindness, compassion and empathy. Our pet rabbit Winnie Butter-Jelly is an important part of nursery and the children know how to look after her.

If you visit nursery this week, you might see our 'Happy Tree' where the children were invited to talk about and draw pictures of things that make them happy in their life. We had lots of lovely answers such as "My Mummy" and "Swimming."


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