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Celebrating the Coronation

Children have been learning all about the Coronation this week. We have a number of age appropriate books for all rooms. The children have been busy making bunting, flags, decorations and crowns. The 0-2 years group, (Ladybirds & Butterflies), have had lots of sensory activities to explore such as paints, printing, pouring and scooping with rice and the squishy texture of cold spaghetti! Dragonflies, (our 2-3 year olds), have been making wonderful crowns and a beautiful provocation to make a castle reusing plastic bottles, cardboard tubes, bubble wrap and other reusable items.

Kindergarten have definitely made the longest bunting! They have decorated paper triangles with colours of the flag. They have also made circular bunting bright and beautiful. We especially love how the children used marbles in a tray of paint to create an amazing display of red, white and blue patterns on the paper.

On Wednesday 3rd May, we had a garden party lunch. It's been a lovely atmosphere all week and there have been plenty of smiles, giggles, dressing up and crafts. Whatever you have planned, enjoy a lovely bank holiday weekend.


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