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West Buckland School - Orchestra Play Concert on the Lawn

Thank you to the very talented pupils from West Buckland School who performed a wonderful concert on the lawn this morning. Children of all ages were mesmerised by the music, even our youngest children in the baby room were dancing along! Music teacher Mr Carter explained how music is written onto song sheets and showed the children what it looks like. The children were encouraged to take part in listening activities, clapping along with the rhythm of music and to understand how these sounds can be transpired onto paper.

There is just something so special, real and organic watching music being played in front of you. The children were in awe when they heard the different sounds made from a Cello, Violin, Guitar and Trumpet to name a few. The children and staff hummed, swayed, clapped & sang along to each rendition. The grand finale was incredibly special and emotion with their rendition of 'Lean on Me'.

The children and staff wish to thank West Buckland sincerely for such a valuable and wonderful morning.


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