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We are the (Mud) Champions!

Mud is a fabulous sensory tool that draws children in. The feeling of cool, damp, crumbly compost when planting seeds. The hardened mud in the summer sun that makes it tricky to dig, encouraging children to use their core strength and vestibular system. The super slippy sploshy kind of mud with deep puddles, inviting children in to make a giant splash! We embrace all kinds of muddy experiences here in our Outdoor Learning sessions led by Katie 'Fox'.

We understand that mud offers so many learning opportunities and benefits the children in more ways than one. It encourages imagination, vocabulary, mathematics and social skills through our mud kitchen, using tools and utensils to 'cook up' some delicious recipes!

It promotes a deep spiritual connection to the natural world, and we embrace the elements, the seasons, the creatures and the environment. Children often find invertebrates minding their business. Their fate, soon to be inspected with a magnifying glass and information book and then safely returned to their habitat.

We serve up a healthy dose of Vitamin N = NATURE! Being outside and embracing the mud is actually good for your body too. Being outside can have a very positive affect on your wellbeing.

It has recently been World Soil Day and Katie and the children have been delving into the wonderful world of fungi. The children have used the information book to look at and enjoyed the story of how 'King Alfred Cakes' got their name, (Daldinia Concentrica). They are aware that when you find fungi you must just look at it. However, they are also aware that shop bought mushrooms are perfectly healthy and delicious! Fungi has a huge part to play in keeping soil healthy.

Another reason to respect the little organisms that we can't see in mud.

We believe in this philosophy so much that Sarah nominated us for the Mud Champion Award in Muddy Faces blog.

Manager Sarah wrote, "Katie is 'outdoors' to the core, never happier than when outside with a group of children in the pouring rain, making enormous puddle for mud angels!"

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