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Stickman & Habitats

On Wednesday, the Elephant group enjoyed the story 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson. We spent the morning in the woods designing and making characters using sticks, glue, felt, scissors, paper, pens and wool. We think they look fabulous! We especially like the imagination of one of our little designers when she told us that she had provided her stick person with "a towel".

On Thursday the group learnt all about habitats. With a weather warning in place, we simply brought the woods inside! The children designed their own little garden for creatures and went on a bug hunt using cut out pictures of minibeasts. They passed around animal puppets and made the habitats using leaves, sticks, pine cones, stones, soil and flowers. Each habitat we made had an authentic name for the animal intended, eg. a den for a fox, a burrow for the rabbit. We even made a small pond for our frogs, and remembered to put in lots of rocks for them to climb onto. The children handled a real bird's nest with great care and made a replica.


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