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Sea Turtles, Gardening and Obstacle Courses

This week saw 'World Turtle Day' where our Eco ambassador 'Cheeky Monkey' paid us a visit and read us the story, 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts. This is a tale about a discarded carrier bag called Stanley and how his presence in the sea causes sea creatures to mistake him for food. A wonderful story for little ones, introducing them to the concept of plastic pollution in the sea and a lovely ending too!

Gardening Club is in full swing with Sarah showing the children a huge poppy and we have been learning all about how bees help to pollinate the vegetable patch.

The garden has been full of exciting obstacle courses and the children love designing their own. The hurdles have been a firm favourite!

Another favourite item of construction is the fantastic new Slide Frames the children have been putting together. Different lengths of guttering can be placed anywhere on the frames and the children are invited to choose what to put down them; water, balls, cars, pine cones, etc. It was very funny when one guttering wasn't long enough and was only balanced on the rope rungs. Once the water started splashing down the pipes, it tipped the guttering pipe up and splashed everyone!

We have a lot of gorgeous sea creature art work going on at the moment and we will bring you more of this news as we head towards World Ocean Day.


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