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Down in the Jungle....

We have been looking at ‘Exotic Animals’ this month, talking all about animals around the world. Our little Ladybirds have been making a fabulous 'Under the Sea' display with amazing art work. The Butterfly group have a wonderful display with lions and giraffes. We love the way they have created lion faces using a bowl and splodging paint around it to make the lion's mane.

Dragonflies have small world, masks, playdough, mark making and collages. It was immense fun thudding the toy animals through the runny paint to create coloured footprints on paper.

Kindergarten have turned their huge messy room into a jungle den! The children worked together to cover tables and chairs with covers and cargo netting creating a hidden den, perfect for spotting lions, giraffes and zebras lurking in Kindergarten!


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