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Autumn Days

Children of all ages are learning about the season Autumn. Our little Ladybirds and Butterflies have been painting and printing leaves and making some marvelous effects with the paint using pine cones. They have explored the most amazing tuff tray activity, exploring the sensation of dry rice, mixing it together, scooping it up, pouring it and appreciating the autumnal colours.

Out in the garden, the children have been taking an interest in using the brooms and wheel barrows to brush the fallen leaves. We have been learning autumnal themed songs and enjoying poems and stories of this nature. In Outdoor Learning, we have been collecting leaves and twigs ready to make a hibernaculum for the animals getting ready to bed down for the winter. We have spotted so many ladybirds in the woods in recent weeks, they are also getting ready to 'over winter' which we are also learning about.


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