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Around the World

We would like to show you some of our creations from this week. Our little Ladybirds and Butterflies have been learning all about the different animals around the world. They have been exploring this using shaving foam on the sensory table and looking at all the different animals from around the world.

Dragonflies have also made a wonderful display in their room and made pictures of the earth using runny paint, tissue paper and card.

Kindergarten have been big red busses and talking about where they are going to visit in the world and who they are going with. They have also made the planet Earth using card and different coloured tissue paper. They have also been printing flags on paper using sponges. Amy plays the most amazing game in the garden where everyone in the garden is invited to ride the train around the world. Before long, a huge line of children are in single file following train operator Amy and choosing to stop off at different countries where Amy speaks the language! "Hola we are in Spain!" "Bonjour, we are in France!"

During woodland play this week, children have been invited to make an obstacle course, mix playdough, feel a snake skin and take part in a treasure hunt! Little purple bags were hidden deep in the woodland and the children discovered a picture of an animal inside. Once they had told the group a fact or shared the Makaton sign for that animal, they received the treasure - a biscuit to accompany our mid morning drink and sing-along!

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